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After working with several law firms from small to large, being a founding member of McClelland Jones, LLP, and creating Lyons Litigation & Consulting, Aaron Lyons co-founded and currently practices with the boutique law firm of Lacey Lyons Rezanka, PLLC, with its principal office conveniently located in Melbourne, Florida. He also has a personal office in Rogersville, Tennessee, and practices throughout the United States. With 25 years of experience in complex federal and state litigation and appellate experience on a local and national basis, including within regulatory, administrative and arbitration tribunals, Aaron has a diverse range of practical practice areas, including Health Care, Employment and Labor, Products Liability, Commercial, Consumer and General Civil Litigation, as well as all types commercial and regulatory transactions and disputes that impact businesses and professionals. He applies his extensive litigation, risk and conflict management experience in business creation, negotiating commercial and professional contracts and transactions, as well as assessing and developing best practices. He represents international, national and regional businesses as well as individual clients in a wide variety of matters throughout the country. He routinely contracts as outside general counsel to meet all of a business client’s specific legal needs, including the implementation of strategies geared toward risk and litigation management, while meeting the extremely challenging budgetary goals that are dictated by today’s changing marketplace.

Focus of Practice Areas

  • Business Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Employment Law
  • Products Liability


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