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Insurance is a necessity for just about every person and business.  Whether it is home and auto coverage, business liability, or property coverage, insurance coverage is an essential, and sometimes expensive, purchase to manage risk. Everyone deals with property insurance claims issues at some stage of life. Property insurance policies are complicated contractual documents that are supposed to protect the person who purchases the coverage provided in the policy. 

Individuals purchase insurance policies in exchange for a promise to cover them financially in certain situations. These include property repairs, or to defend individuals in a lawsuit against property repairs. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance carriers do not fulfill their obligations when a property insurance claim arises, which requires the insured individual to start an property insurance litigation dispute against a carrier. If you have questions or concerns about an property insurance coverage issue, a property insurance claims lawyer at Lacey Lyons Rezanka can help answer your questions and advocate on your behalf to help you obtain the financial assistance you bargained for when you paid your insurance premium. 

Duties Owed to an Insured Individual

The nature of property insurance claims and disputes litigation typically depends on the type of insurance policy at issue, i.e., liability policies or property coverage. With property coverage, the insurance carrier’s duty to the insured individual is to investigate the damage done to a piece of property and promptly issue payment for the damaged property based on the coverage terms.  

In liability cases, insurance carriers have a duty to defend their insureds against claims, settle the claim within the insured’s policy limits (if possible) and in their best interest, and payout any judgment made against the insured party if settlement is not possible. Unfortunately, sometimes carriers do not perform the duties owed to their insureds. If your insurance carrier is not fulfilling their contractual obligations to you under the terms of your insurance policy, a Melbourne insurance dispute lawyer can help.

How an Insurance Claims Lawyer Can Help

An experienced Melbourne property insurance claims lawyer at Lacey Lyons Rezanka can help both businesses and individuals pursue claims against insurance companies. Insurance companies are required to provide coverage according to the terms of the insurance policy. Our insurance claims attorneys have experience in various stages of a conflict, including advocating on the insured individual’s behalf before a suit is filed to help negotiate a fair settlement. Our attorneys also assist with filing a bad faith claim in court when an insurance carrier fails to pay an insured’s claim in good faith.  

Our property insurance litigation attorneys hold insurance companies accountable. People pay premiums to an insurance carrier today for the purpose of having financial protection from the uncertainty of tomorrow. We hold insurance carriers to the promises they give in exchange for the premiums they receive. If your insurer is not keeping its promise to you, contact a Melbourne property insurance claims attorney at Lacey Lyons Rezanka today for a consultation. 

Next Step: Contact a Melbourne Insurance Claims Lawyer Today For a Legal Consultation

If you have questions about a property insurance dispute in Florida, an experienced Melbourne property insurance claims lawyer at Lacey Lyons Rezanka can help. Contact us by phone or online for assistance.